The Golden Days – Revisited (DVD)


This documentary DVD contains over an hour of information covering Australia’s gold history. (Delivered free within Australia)

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A sojourn to see and feel change as time trickles on, young men grow old, life’s secrets slip and begin to unfold.

In 1984, a couple of years after an in-depth research produced the book Hill End Gold, Malcolm Drinkwater turned his hand to writing a documentary named The Golden Days. Produced in 1985 and now digitally enhanced this is both a prequel and sequel to the 2019 documentary Gold and B.O. Holtermann.

Both documentaries need to stand on their own merit, for that reason there is a very small amount of doubling up information. Most subjects covered in detail in one documentary are mentioned fleetingly in the other so a totally new perspective of the subject is presented for the viewer to appreciate Australian history.

This re-visiting 35 years later allows Malcolm the scope to break new ground and capture some sites never previously promoted and break the time barriers for documentary making. Here the focus and primary target is history not the time clocks of past producers to say ‘no time allowed, edit that out’. Here we take the time necessary to appreciate and enjoy our past.

Approximate running time: 72 minutes.

Year 2020 amendments produced by Malcolm & Daphne Drinkwater.