The Monster Specimen (Book)


After 50 years research and physically knowing Holtermann Descendants for over 40 years and with their help it has been possible to decipher the real story behind the world’s biggest piece of gold.


A detailed account of the world’s biggest piece of gold.

The true story surrounding the unearthing of the world’s largest known single mass of gold: The Beyers and Holtermann Specimen. This account has been put together onsite using the mine’s day book records, heritage photographs, newspaper reports, bank and mint gold receipts. Original share certificates embellished with first time published original personal accounts from the most celebrated miner, Bernard Holtermann. Following the family trail to the great grand children who all have a tale to tell backed up by their own original inherited Holtermann artefacts.

Holtermann the precursor, Beyers the co-requisite and gold the catalyst to provide a history statement unrivalled anywhere to date in the world.

A chain of events that needed no drama as the record wrote itself into history with a fortunate tale of events that still benefit Australia and the world.

Starting with two immigrants who find a fortune and one who goes on to produce a photographic collection that is world standard and world record holding. This book should be read in conjunction with our previous  book, The German-Australian Called Holtermann, and viewed with the documentary, Gold & BO Holtermann, to gain a better understanding of the bigger picture. Even then there is more to tell and most likely more gold to find.