History Hill is the largest privately owned gold rush collection on display in Australia. History Hill's collection focuses on the land, the time and the people of Australia's Gold Rush era. We are open to the general public and we pride ourselves in serving bus groups. We have ample space for coaches to park and maneuver making it very accessible to all. Our speciality is School Excursions offering an educational experience that will always be remembered. In todays computer age it is difficult for children to comprehend the practical and basic world of the 1800s. Getting close to the real thing and a hands on approach to learning makes it easier for the young mind to realise the importance of the Goldfields in Australia's history and how it has shaped who we are.

Malcolm Drinkwater first started researching, writing and lecturing about gold rush history in 1980 when this business was first established. The resulting History Hill Museum holds a comprehensive display highlighting our early Australian gold rush history, some of these features include:-

  • Fire arms from the gold fields
  • Gold Fossicking & mining tools
  • Contents from shops, houses, hotels, schools even hospitals
  • Art & photo gallery
  • Working models of Gold Rush life
  • Heaps of gold scales, coins bullion boxes and bank safes
  • Native vegitation area with water feature & exotic bird aviary
  • Holtermann's personal documents and artifacts
  • Stamper batteries, steam engines(operating)
  • Blacksmith/tinsmith shop
  • Hundreds of Chinese Gold Rush items
  • An underground mine (175m)
  • Life size replica of the Beyer and Holtermann Specimen
  • and much more...

 We are not just a Museum but a living experience.

As little as two years ago History Hill was smaller than it is now. If you saw History Hill five years ago then you're in for a huge shock now. Then it was a baby even if it was a baby elephant. Now it is the leviathan of gold field/gold rush collections.

Some new and expanded displays and display cabinets since 2009 include:

  • New Entry display
  • History of glass featuring uranium glass that glows in the dark!
  • Art room additions include two new cabinets
  • Chinese collection with one item dating back 1,000 years! And now over 500 Chinese goldfields artifacts
  • Now over 100 sets of circa 1800s gold scales including a completely new cabinet to show a couple more off!
  • Another knife/firearms cabinet
  • Expanded, pot lid (medical/cure-all chemists jars) collection

3458 Hill End Rd, HILL END

We are only 2 kilometres from Hill End.  Click here for a map.
Opening Hours
Open to the public every weekend, all long weekeds/school holidays from 10am to 4pm.
Weekdays phone ahead to be sure on 02 6337 8222
ADULTS $10.00  CHILDREN $7.00
(general public prices - see bookings for School & Group Prices)
specialising in group bookings (via bookings only)

Photos that display a sample of what History Hill has to offer.


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